• Traces

     In the town of Colmar, there’s a bus company,

    Which drivers are granted total impunity.

    They disregard cyclists and feel legitimate

    To run them over and leave them inanimate.


    Public prosecutors and judges all alike

    Constantly back them up. Should you ride on your bike

    Right on the cycle track, you trigger their anger,

    And if you persevere, then you’re in real danger.


     Cursed be the recklessness and the arrogant cheek

    Of those haughty maniacs who deny the weak

    And the vulnerable a fair share of the place.


    May they be ostracized and sent to the gutter !

    Let them be pointed at, boycotted for ever,

    Those bully killers that go by the name of T.R.A.C.E.



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